Back to detention to get more spanking

ebony spanking asssam Back to detention to get more spankingSamantha is back in detention once again to receive some ass spanking from the disciplinary officer of the student council. If I knew better I’d say that she likes AND wants to be in detention simply because of the booty slapping she’s getting. This ebony slut’s probably got a fetish for being bitch slapped on the ass! But hey, as the saying goes, “whatever floats your boat”. Moreover, at least she’s keeping the council’s disciplinary officer busy on doing something something. It sure as hell takes out the boredom on spending your after-class hours doing nothing. If I probably was this dude over here and I got nothing but the campus sluts to watch over I’d make sure to make the most of it by giving them what they want; some good bangin’!

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Kandi pussy fucked and ass spanked

ebony spanking bootykandi Kandi pussy fucked and ass spanked

One thing that always gets me off is the sight of a juicy pair of buns getting a hard spanking. And this is a fucking hot one. This ebony’s ass is so big and juicy, it’s a joy to watch it get spanked raw. And the noises she makes while taking the punishment are enough to make you spew your man sauce! I’ve never seen a look of pure joy on a girl getting her ass pummeled before! Oh bootylicious Kandi, this is definitely one of the juiciest ass spanking sex videos I’ve ever seen. This guy really treats her like a cheap slut and once you get to watch video version of this you can see that that is exactly what this horny chick needs. You really ought to see its video version, I’m pretty sure everyone who likes fucking and ass spanking will like this one.

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Twice the cheeks, double the spanking

ebony spanking ass Twice the cheeks, double the spankingToday is a special day for all you who loves spanking ‘coz today we have not just one but two ass spanking ebonies! I present you, Cherokee and Angel Eyes. These two naughty and horny sluts share lots of things in common with each other, two of which is them both having a nice set of thick juicy ass and the other is having fetish for spanking. With big juicy asses like theirs, wouldn’t you also be tempted to give those butt cheeks a good slapping, much more a squeezing? These two horny bitches just love spending some girl-girl time with each other. They lick each other’s twat, fondle and suck on each other’s titties… you name it! If you’re starting to get curious as to how these two ho’s play with each other, simply just click on their picture or the highlighted text above.

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